Our Team

Our people like working for us and you’ll like working with our people

At Brookes we share a passion for Supply Chain  –  that’s just the way we are.​ We’re professional, calm and competent.​​

Most of our team are computer scientists, logisticians and engineering graduates, with the odd (very odd) mathematician thrown in.​ Some of us are just starting our technical careers, some of us have years (and years) of practical industry experience but we all talk about Supply Chain most of the time, sharing best practice with our colleagues and customers. ​

When you choose Brookes, the same team who sold you the solution, will design it and deliver it for your business.​

We’re based in Central London

​Our Head Office is just off Oxford Circus. It’s a creative space, reflecting our brand values of collaboration and relationships which are built on mutual respect and shared successes.  We’ve recently opened offices in Greece and Malaysia, so we can be on hand for our global clients.

The London Office, where we’re based, is a former BBC building and is named after Henry Wood, the famous English conductor and founder of the Proms!​​

Meet some of our Senior Team

Experienced, professional and client focused.​

Martin Woodward

​I founded Brookes over 15 years ago. 

Since 2005, we’ve been helping customers to increase revenue and release cash, through better planning.  ​I’m very proud of how the team has grown, both in size and capability, to deliver for a wide range of customers. ​

Running complex supply chains for Unilever, re-engineering them with Ernst & Young and implementing supply chain software with i2/JDA, provided a great foundation for starting my own planning company. ​

At Brookes we help people work smarter, not harder. 

Doing things more efficiently, cutting down on waste, using a little less of the world’s resources. I hope we can leave things a little better than we found them. ​

I love everything to do with sport and am still playing football as a “Super Vet!”

James Triggs

As Chief Operating Officer at Brookes, I have overall responsibility for implementation, consulting and ongoing support of supply chain solutions. ​

I have 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain.

During the past 14 years, with Brookes and ToolsGroup, my roles have included Head of Sales and Pre-Sales Director.

I’m a Chartered Engineer and in my early career designed and implemented electronics manufacturing and logistics systems for Sony and held management roles at LG and Panasonic.

When time and tide align, I enjoy big boat sailing and am studying for a supplementary degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Verena Nold
Process Excellence Director

I bring over 10 years of experience in Project Management, Consulting, Operations and Customer Success.

I love bringing together people, technology and processes.

As the Quality Lead at Brookes, I drive sustainable change and implement operational and customer excellence.

I work across our organisation to identify improvement opportunities and ensure that our product/services make our customers happy. I also project manage/coordinate our internal product development initiatives.

I previously helped to scale fast growing SaaS companies, defined service offering, business cases, and expansion strategy for which I built scalable processes.  I implemented and managed the data sharing and collaboration programme between Walgreens Boots Alliance and some of their biggest FMCG suppliers gaining insight an driving action from granular sales data and generating measurable ROI.

Simon McCarthy
Director of Professional Services​

I’ve been developing and implementing supply chain systems for over 30 years and with Brookes for the last 10 of them.​

​In 2018, I took on the role of Director of Professional Services. I lead a highly skilled and experienced consulting team, specialising in Solution Implementation and Integration.

​Brookes is different because of the broad knowledge and experience across many different industry sectors, this puts us in a unique position to deliver solutions for a wide variety of supply chain issues.

​I was involved in the development of the MURCO product at Data Sciences, one of the first generation of Forecasting and Inventory Management products on the market; my career has followed the industry ever since.

​My guitar is the only thing that I’ve been trying to master longer, but it’s unlikely that there will be an imminent change of career! ​

Anne Bruggink
Advisor to the Board​

A passionate, straight-talking customer centric B2B and B2C supply chain expert who provides strategic consultation, advice, and interim management to companies around the world.

Over a 30-year career he has developed a holistic approach to high service global supply chains, supply chain transformation, lean six sigma, product development, customer service and aftermarket strategy and implementation, risk mitigation, and step change improvement of inventory management.

He has worked with such notables as United Biscuits, Autoglass, Honeywell, RS Components, Travis Perkins, LoveCrafts.com and recently Brookes, supporting supply chain digital twins for retailers and distributors.

Charles Davis
Advisor to the Board​

An experienced supply chain leader gained through 25+ years at Kearney Management Consultancy.

During this time Charles worked with Brookes and has used SO99+ with multiple clients to develop their supply strategies and to support their operational improvements. He supports Brooke’s by bringing broader supply chain insights and helping extract value from our solutions – more than just IT systems.

A lot of his work has been on how companies implement supply chains that are able to handle the uncertainty we all live in. While forecasting is key, it needs to be positioned within a broader supply context that not everything can be forecasted; a resilient supply model is a combination of good planning, appropriate customer offers and an adaptive supply chain.

​Prior to Kearney, Charles worked for one of the leading UK retailers.

Join us!

Early in your career, or an experienced professional? We have opportunities for those looking to develop within a fast growing, supportive team, working at the leading-edge of technology.​​

We’re always keen to hear from people who share our values and mission, going above and beyond to deliver value for our customers as we continually grow our technical capabilities and in-house specialist industry knowledge.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity, tell us how you think you could contribute and become part of the future of Team Brookes.​​