Brookes customers range from internet start-ups to global enterprises.

Over time we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the diverse range of industries, which our clients operate within.

​We get to know them all and build long-term relationships. We’ve become trusted advisors and for customers like BP Castrol and Aston Martin, we’ve been doing this pretty much from the beginning.

Essentially, we can help you to have greater confidence, in the success of your plans.

See how we’ve delivered tangible benefits for these clients:

The machine learning engine was able to dip into the vast array of historical data and pick out eight completely new categories of behaviour. This has not only educated the purchasing team in important new skills, but has also really given them confidence in the planning system.
Aston Martin


Planning for SCALE
European aftermarket parts planning
with >4m item areas


Planning for GROWTH
Transforming international business
into engines for growth


Optimal stock and order fulfilment for owned &
3rd party retail stores


Planning for MULTI-CHANNEL
Greece >3m item-area demand points
& item-location stock points per day


Planning for EFFICIENCY
Step change in statistical forecasting &
multi-echelon inventory optimisation

Planning for SERVICE
Blood and blood products supplies
to hospital trusts

Discover why our customers rely on Brookes

Customers always want that latest gadget, so supply can occasionally be outstripped by demand. It’s vital that we have the right demand tools that enable us to ensure we’re putting that scarce resource, in the right place, so we can really maximise the customer experience.

Nicky McGroaty, Head of O2 UK

“If there’s no yogurt on the supermarket shelf – that’s unfortunate. The customer will have to pick something else. If there’s no blood on the hospital shelf, the consequences are very, very different. We simply can’t afford for blood not to be available for patients, when they need it and where they need it.” ​

Gerry Gogarty, NHSBT’s Assistant Director of Business Development and Strategy