Why Us

​Why choose Brookes?

A combination of Consulting and Best-of-Breed Technology in one sets us apart.

We work with your business to help you choose, build and run the best planning solution for your Supply Chain. We’re fanatical about developing technology, which delivers business value.

Our award winning solutions are built using leading technology from ToolsGroup, Board and Microsoft and our projects will typically payback within a year.

Delivering value means direct P&L benefit for your business

Working with Brookes you’ll experience increased sales and reduced operating costs, together with the direct balance sheet benefit, of lower working capital.

We Believe in Integrated Business Plans

Better planning facilitates better decision making and better decisions deliver better financial results.

We provide the tools you need, from the top of the organisation down – Financial Planning with Sales & Operations, Sales & Operations with Forecasting & Replenishment. ​

​Optimising your plans we use algorithms, developed by ToolsGroup and the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. At Brookes, we combine Decision Support from Board and deliver it to you in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, on Microsoft’s Open Supply Chain Platform.​

Brookes is a Highly Specialised Solutions Integrator

Building Supply Chain Solutions with your business in mind. Leveraging the leading planning technology.

You won’t be the first – we design, build and operate Forecasting & Replenishment, Sales & Operations Planning and Financial Planning & Analysis, for a whole range of customers from internet start-ups to global enterprises, using our specialist industry knowledge.

We have over 40 customers.

Toyota, Telefonica O2, 3M, NHS Blood and Transplant, Smiths Medical, Greif and BorgWarner have all worked with us. Today, Brookes is delivering global implementations, together with regional and local planning and helping customers to optimise the flow of goods around the world.​

Our Projects – deliver benefits

Brookes works with customers to facilitate increased sales, by improving availability, tying up less cash, making fewer deliveries and reducing waste.​

The direct P&L and balance sheet benefits are driven by sustainable, step change operational performance improvements:

  • improved customer service by 2-5 % points
  • improved item/location forecast accuracy of 10-15 % points
  • reduced planner workload through automation of 50-90 % points