We work with carefully selected software partners, who we think are the best in their class.

Brookes have built lasting relationships, over many years collaboration, with these trusted brands.​


ToolsGroup supply our forecasting and replenishment engine.

Discover how our partnership began. ​

A hidden gem, the best in the business​.


Board are the masters of Financial 
Planning and Analysis.​

No one does it better than Board​.

This is where we do the real S&OP​.


You might have heard of Microsoft already.​

Our processes run in the Microsoft Modern Workplace and Cortana is the brains behind our Machine Learning.


Amazon Web Services.​

Our processes run on the Amazon on-demand cloud platform.

ToolsGroup are the industry innovator of “service-driven” supply chain planning software for companies that face high demand volatility, along with distribution and product line complexity.​

Over the past 30 years they’ve been helping companies globally, to achieve the highest service levels in their industries, while streamlining inventory and logistics costs.  Advanced analytics and machine learning driven technologies, mean that ToolsGroup clients overcome the toughest supply chain planning challenges – from multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) to long-tail SKU forecasting, all whilst raising service levels.

Board are the #1 among the decision-making software platforms and the market benchmark for unified Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Predictive Analytics Solutions.​

​Every day they commit to improving customers’ decision-making effectiveness by providing cutting-edge, cost-effective, easy-to-use software that has a positive and profound impact on their business performance.  In 2016 Brookes formed a strategic partnership with Board, to distribute their Decision Support Solution for Sales & Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning and Financial Planning & Analysis.​

Microsoft Azure provides a cloud platform to help you outperform your competitors, on your terms.  From infrastructure and data management, to industry leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.​

Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology.  ToolsGroup and Brookes are advanced users of both the Microsoft Modern Workplace and Cortana Machine Learning and have a co-sell agreement to promote and sell SO99+ on Azure.  Brookes are a Microsoft Silver Partner and we have transitioned our cloud estate into the Microsoft Cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable, reliable, and highly durable cloud hosting platform. AWS is perfect for companies who need to host their data storage, and other business needs in the cloud. With simple APIs and a broad range of features, it’s never been easier to scale your business by leveraging AWS’ infrastructure.

Brookes are experienced AWS architects and manage many supply chain solutions on the AWS platform.